Prize and benefits from the competition Swin Hackathon 2024

  • Certificate of workshop participation 
  • Certificate for the top performing teams 
  • Certificate for the mentor choice teams 
  • Certificate and hornor cup for the winning teams  
  • Opportunity to meet, discuss, receive training and get instructions from industry mentors and experts.
  • Opportunity to meet other participants from around the world and make friendships that last beyond the weekend.
  • Learn important skills that are currently in demand.

1st prize: 20.000.000 VND

2nd prize: 5.000.000 VND

3 Third prize: 3.000.000 VND

2 Consolation prizes: 2.000.000 VND


Students from external universities around the world

Swinburne students from all international campuses.

Age range: from 18 to 25 years of age

Have a team of 3 - 5 members
The competition theme is 'Application of AI Technology for Smart Solutions' in critical areas such as healthcare, education, environment and sustainable development, business and communication, information security, and digital transformation for community.
Students of grade 12 of Senior High School can form a team with the undergraduate students.

The undeniable truth is that the development of AI technology has brought about significant transformations in the application of intelligent solutions. AI plays a crucial role in customer experience, digital marketing and media communication, as well as in the development of smart applications and services. Simultaneously, the applications of Generative AI in creativity and the emerging trends in Edu-Tech are also key highlights in the current industry landscape. Swin Hackathon 2024 aims to provide a platform for international students and industry experts to explore technological innovations applicable in these domains.

The Impact of AI Technology

Brings people and AI solutions
to build a better world

Why Swin Hackathon important?

Nowadays, with digital technology becoming the norm of daily life, it’s not surprising to see AI Blockchain, Internet of Things, or Big data Analysis make a big impact in applying ICT in the business, media, education. For instance, technology  used in customer experience in businesses.


DEADLINE June 15, 2024

Introduction about Swin Hackathon

Applying AI technology for smart solutions 





The Swin Hackathon, an annual event organized by Swinburne University, has seen significant growth and international participation over the years. In 2022, it attracted over 100 teams from universities both domestic and international. The following year, in 2023, the event saw a remarkable increase with 159 teams from 10 different countries, showcasing the event's growing prominence and appeal within the global student community. This surge in participation underscores the event's role as a premier platform for young talents to demonstrate their programming skills and innovative solutions, fostering a vibrant community of creativity and technology-driven entrepreneurship.

Hình ảnh về cuộc thi Hackathon

* Each people must pay 200.000 VND for registration to enter the Phrase 02 of the competition. 

September 28

Final round (Pitching)/ Award
Teams present prototypes and ideas.
The Judges will give scores and announce the final result of three winning teams and 2 consolation teams.



June 1, 2024

InfoDay session

July 30, 2024

You can no longer apply or edit your information after this day.
Deadline for application

August 01 - august 30

A series of workshops with experts in the field to equip and train participants with the issues and knowledge related to the topics/Drop-in session
 (16th June - 31st July)
After workshops, teams will be assessed through the Preliminary round. (1st Aug - 14th August) 
The Preliminary round result - the best 30 teams (15th August)
Mentor booking schedule announcement (22nd August)

Online workshops training & The Preliminary round

September 26

Problem Statement announced by the Swin Hackathon 2024 organizer -Teams start to develop ideas.
Teams receive result of the top 10 ideas proceeding to Coding session. 
Opening ceremony/ Problem Statement Announcement

September 26 - September 27

Teams receive coaching from technical mentors
Teams begin coding and prepare for the presentation.

24 hrs Coding session

September 27

The result of the best 10 teams

Board of Advisors

chief executive officer
of Cen Academy

Director of Swinburne Innovation Space

Prof. Wray Buntine

Director, Computer Science Program VinUniversity

Michael Lee

innovation Ecosystem 

Lê Mỹ Nga

Chairman of WeAngels Innovation Capital Venture

Miroslav Kulha

IT Technology Expert Cloud & Site Reliability Home credit Vietnam


 Chief Information Officer of
Home Credit Vietnam

David Lapetina

Engineering Director, Kyanon Digital


Topic will be related to Business, Media and Education, AI solutions and be announced in Problem Statement.

01. What Topics Will Be Covered?

You still can apply. However, we suggest that a team should consist of multiple members with diverse skills and knowledge to support one another. To have the strongest team, the members in your team should have these skills: design, coding, confidence to present in English, knowledge about AI.

02. I do not know how to code, can I apply?

The competition will be conducted hybrid with the following details:
Participants join Online: We will provide the link to you via email.
Participants join Offline: The competition will be held at Swinburne Innovation Space, 80 Duy Tan, Hanoi.

03. Where will Swin Hackathon 2024 take place?

Registration for the competition is completely FREE. When you attend the in-person competition, you need to you need to pay a fee of 200,000 VND/person if you qualify for the 24-hour Coding round, cover your own travel expenses and bring your own laptop or personal computer. During the Official Contest period on August 25 - 26, the Organizing Committee will provide food and beverage for free at the venue.

04. Do I have to pay a registration fee?

During team working sessions, workshops or discussions, teams can use any language that is convenient. However, teams must prepare and present their products in English.

05. Which language(s) will be used in the competition?

If your team is selected, the Organizing Committee will set up many training workshops led by experts and mentors from June 16 to August 15, 2024 to enhance your knowledge about our topic. 

06. I do not have knowledge about education & healthcare, can I apply?

Please find full competition information & register at:
Hackathon Handbook 2024:
Contact email:

07. Other questions?


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